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Rocky Mountain Rosin Cartridge (Rosin Infused)

Rocky Mountain Rosin Cartridge (Rosin Infused)


Rocky Mountain refillable cartridges.
Like any other cartridge, Rocky Mountain Rosin cartridges fit any pen on the market. With a small twist that the generally these brands only use distillate, these pens are infused with rosin to create a more potent high because of the attributes of rosin. A pure THC high is more of a mental experience but when infused with rosin the experience becomes more of like smoking fresh cannabis so you get the full effects through and through.


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Rocky Mountain Rosin Cartridge (Rosin Infused)

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Rosin Flavor

Cherry OG, Citrus Skunk, God Bud, Mango Haze, Pineapple Punch, Red Congo, TrainWreck, Watermelon


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